FOWLER BED (With Additional Features) C-1501

Features and Benefits :

  • Mattress area divided into 4 sections made up of CRCA Sheet.
  • The bed is made on trolley base.
  • Food table is attached with bed to save the extra space.
  • Provided with wooden dash board with metal box at foot bow.
  • Detachable SS framed head and foot bows with laminated panels provide ease of access and a aesthetic look.
  • Corner rubber / PU buffers absorb impact and reduce damage in handling.
  • Saline stand provision on four locations.
  • The complete metal components are pre treated and epoxy powder coated.
  • 2 separate crank mechanisms for Back rest and Knee rest respectively.

Frame size (Approx): 2060 L * 900 W * 600H

Back rest tilt : 0 – 75 degree

Knee rest tilt : 0 – 35 degree

Optional : Available with SS/MS collapsible side railings.


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